Balloon Décor Pricing - At Artistic Balloons we would love to have your business. You choose the colors and theme and we’ll create custom balloon décor for your event. Listed are prices for some of our most popular and/or most inquired about balloon products and designs. Please note these are general prices and are to be used as a guide. Some designs may require additional charges. We highly recommend that you contact us direct to discuss your event decoration needs. We will be happy to offer you our advice and provide you with a quote based on your needs and budget.

Free Floating Balloons

11” latex balloons come in your choice of color combination, filled with helium and attached to matching ribbon.

Balloon weights are not included with free floating balloons, but can be purchased at an additional fee. We do not attach the balloons to the weights; this is left to the client to do.

We only use "The Very Best" Qualatex ™ balloons which are known for their quality, color range, and coordination; and they inflate larger and float longer. The latex balloons are made from 100% natural latex with no artificial fillers. They're safe for the environment and actually biodegrade at about the same rate as an oak leaf.

To completely fill a room with 11" balloons, measure 1 balloon per square foot. 11" latex balloons will float indoors for 16-20 hours.

As of September 28, 2012,  please call for pricing, depends on helium availability~ 

*Delivery and Tax Not Included.

Hi-Float ™       $0.25 per balloon
A non-toxic water soluble sealant which coats the inner wall of the balloon and increases the average float time for at least 3 days when applied to balloons that are used indoors.

Holographic and Iridescent Ribbon
       $0.25 per balloon
A dazzling ribbon that adds lots of pizzazz, sparkle and shine; available in a variety of colors.

Balloon Columns
A Balloon Column is a vertical garland made out of helium or air filled balloons. Generally columns vary by color structures, styles and shapes. The most popular is a spiral column – a balloon column, in which two, three or four color stripes swirl around. Other attractive types are zebra, multicolor, and vertical stripes, and plain solid among many others. Air filled columns are built with base plate and a pole that is the backbone of the column. They last several days and are stable. We recommend using them for outside events because they withstand wind and rain.

Air Filled Columns                                 
8'-    $85                                                 
10'   $95                                         

Balloon Columns topped with 3’ balloon, or your choice of coordinating Mylar balloon. Deposit for frames may be required.
Specialty Balloon Bouquets
All of our specialty balloon bouquets are very unique and different from your average bunch of balloons. Our balloon bouquets contain a mix of Mylar’s, double bubbles, Geo’s, 16” printed balloons and are treated with Hi-Float ™. (Photos coming soon.)

Specialty balloon bouquets are designed in your choice of theme, color and style.

The Petite Bouquet $45 - Filled with over half a dozen specialty balloons, this posh bouquet makes a gorgeous centerpiece.

The Standard Bouquet $75 - This fabulous bouquet is filled with a dozen of our designer balloons.

The BIG Bouquet $95 - This crowd favorite includes a dozen and a half of our specialty balloons.

The Grand Bouquet $125 - Yee Haw! This Texas sized beauty is guaranteed to blow anyone away. You’ll get over 2 dozen specialty balloons~ a custom mix of Geo’s, 16 inch prints, mylars, double-bubbles, and more!


Balloon Arches

Balloon arches are perfect for entrances, stages and backdrops. Swirl Arches hold up to 4 colors while Color Block Arches can hold more. Filled with helium, balloon arches will float for up to 20 hours indoors and outdoors. To extend the float time of indoor balloon arches, Hi-Float ™ can be added at an additional charge.

Balloon arches start at $100+ set-up and are priced by the size of the arch. Balloon arches are built on-site as they are too large to be delivered. For an exact quote, e-mail or call us direct. Please have the measurements of the area where the arch will be placed on hand when calling or e-mailing us.

A La Carte Menu
Some of our most requested items are priced as follows~

16” Balloon Fish                         $18
Balloon Octopus
Cloud Nine
Balloon Topiary
  (11"balloons)    $28 
Balloon Topiary (16"balloons)    $40                                 
Balloon Flower
Double Stuffed 16” Balloon
Geo Donut w/twisty
Geo Blossom
Baby Pacifier
Baby Rattle
Qualatex Bubble Balloon       $8
*Delivery and Tax not included*

Cloud 9

Geo Blossom
Geo Donut

Retro Flower Arch


Animal Print Columns
Tiara Arch
Topiary Cluster
Double Stuffed Balloons
Balloon Flower


Balloon Colors:To see a full range of latex balloon colors go to
Balloon Column Patterns:
Balloon Information: Balloon décor photos and balloon information can be found at Balloon Headquarters:


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